Sunday, April 1, 2012

The geek is on

Atm  I am in school with my friend L to study for a little (big) bit at our school, on a sunday, willingly.. Overachievers? Either way we are writing a majoronelastessayinnaturalscience so we have to get our serious faces on. But the extreme amounts of coffee consumed from my thermos (even cheaper than McD's coffee, how convenient?) is making it kind of hard to concentrate. You see, we have drank enough to get over the limit of focus and have now moved on to the "we can't do nothing else than laugh and jump around"- kind of mood. Well this might not be the perfect way to spend a sunday but hey, you got to do what you got to do. I hope you dears have a plan of fabulous things to do today, and if you don't I can give you some inspiration of what I would love to do on a relaxing sunday, rather than studying. 
 Eat something with chocolate while drinking something made with chocolate.
 See a friend in the city and enjoy the sun (which isn't existing in Stockholm today, unfortunately) while catching up and drinking coffee coolers.
 Enjoying some delicious fruits in yoghurt.
Do some serious shopping.
Eat some more food with chocolate.
Think deep thoughts.
 Being able to relax in bed all day without any stress.
 Spend some quality time with my shoes and play dress up.
Look through old family albums.
 Make something colourfull.
 Go wild.
 Draw something.
Make great inventions for out future society.

So now you have lots and lots of options of what to do on this wonderful day! And now mine and L's little break is over so we better get back to our nerdy study mood.


L* said...


H, said...

cute post! and thanks for the comment!

Skye said...

now following you:)
loved these inspiraring photos, where some of them taken by you?

Mesmerize said...

so yuummyy post:D tahk you for visit me! hymm what do I do when I'm stressed...I'm take a worm bath, eat chocolate and visit my friends:)

Victoria said...

I've never seen before that photo of Kate Moss! It's great :)

fashion kats said...

Great funny pictures!
Love the 1st one!! awrr...


MissViking said...

Thank you!! :)

Lali said...

Hahaha.. I really like tis post. I'm thinking abut things like that too while studying or doing something else what you don't want to do. :D

MissViking said...

Not this time but I usualy mix my own with others! It depends,
but thanks for following, I hope you'll stay and enjoy the reading (:

MissViking said...

No problem, I enjoyed the reading! And that is a truly good tip, too bad I don't have a bathtub :/ But friends and chocolate works just as well! (;

MissViking said...

Glad I could provide with something new! I love the pic too :))

MissViking said...

Thank you! I had so much fun putting it all together (:
And I do too, you can never mix too much chocolate.. X

MissViking said...

Thanks :)Yeah sometimes it's just to hard to concentrate!

veronique said...

your blog is awesome and full of perfect photos,, love it girl =) <3 *

MissViking said...

Thank you!! :) xx

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