Friday, March 16, 2012

Toothpaste issues

There are certain things that don't occur very often in my life. One of them is to be the first person to arrive to the classroom in the morning. That happened to me yesterday and I was so proud (and suprised). But nothing can ever be perfect now, can it? Because I look down for some strange reason and what do I see? A stripe of toothpaste. Yes my friends, and this is not the first time this happens. No. It happens a lot. Do I drool more than most people when I brush my teeth or why does this happen? This is a mystery! I use an electric tooth brush, I figured this might be the problem. But either way, I need to learn to look at my clothes before I walk out the door. Otherwise things could get really awkward you know. There are a lot of people who don't approve toothpaste-drool-stains. Situations as these:

  • A job interview.
  • Hot date.
  • Oral presentation in school.
Etc-etc, so this has to stop. But how can you have time for this when it is hard enough to get on time to school? Work? And so on.. Life is tricky, isn't it? But am I the only person who this happens to? Next time this happens, I will tell you. And I will also tell you if I saw it first or if one of the 3 options above is what happened. So here is the question, does this happen to anyone else? I'll be happy for a respond!

Kind regards
//The tooth paste drooler. 

(I bet that this Gossip-girl actor drools on his clother while brushing his teeth,
he can't be all that perfect now can he?)

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