Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random crazy night of weirdness

A friday night can be one of the most exciting night of the weekend. Maybe you are going out to a club meeting a bunch of exciting and new people. Or you might have a date, going out to dinner or whatever. But sometimes your friday night might not end up this way.
Maybe it will end up with you and your BFF eating popcorn and finding out who can fit more in her mouth. Maybe that's the way you are going to spend it. 
That's the way I spent it last night. But I would still not have it any other way. Why do we always have to stress about everything? Just have one night of hanging out. Last night was so much fun just because we are two weird (weirdweirdweird) wickedly humoured, fabulous, abnormal, giggly girls. We didn't do much, but these are the times to remember. Those random and spontanious night which contain things that makes it unforgetable. 
Value the nights you spend with friends, not with stangers.

So we did some of this. T won with 30 popcorns!! (Maybe this is why we don't have boyfriends?)
 Laughed out loud by this picture...
... And this one.

No. We are not like every other girls who care OH so much about what other people think. I am so done caring about that. What does it gain you? Nothing. All it will do is make you consious of your every move and that is so not the way I want to live my life. Is it yours?

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