Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekday madness

In America you have graduation parties where people you know come over to your house to eat food and hang out. I did this during my exhange year in Wisconsin when I was 17, and now I am getting to expecience it, swedish style as well! Here we have graduation parties with our class at clubs. Everybody invite their friends and each party has a theme. Yesterday I went to my friend Fia's party and the theme was Disney! I was Mulan, T was Mushu and J was the kangaroo rat from Bernad and Bianca in Australia. 
The thing with these parties is that they are held on weekdays since the clubs are buissy on weekends. So going to school after these events might be... A small challenge (to say the least). But I didn't have school today, lycky me! Either way it was an awesome night with lots and lots of dancing. Who knew running around, dancing in a bathroab could be so much fun? Well now I know..

And our hostess, Fia who was what? Guess! You are absolutely right my dear,
she is The sword in the stone! (how awesome isn't that, loved it).

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