Sunday, March 25, 2012


Salut mon amis, how has your weekend been so far? Some people would at the time of 2:19pm on a sunday be asking you how your weekend was, but I am not going to. Why? Because we still have the whole sunday left to spend! I am sick of begin stressed out at constantly having the feeling that the time isn't enough. Maybe the reason why we feel that way is because we don't take adventage of the time we got. It is sunday and tonight J and L are coming over to dinner at my house. A sunday night which means school tomorrow, but why should this stop us? No alcohol is involved and if you are worried about bedtime, think about all of the times when you have stayed up until 12am watching wothless shows on TV, facebooked and searched around for silly YouTube-clips and then went to school or work the day after. Now isn't it better to spend that time with friends or family? Don't get me wrong, alone time can sometimes be the best! But if you sometimes feel like me, that the time isn't enough. Than maybe it is time to start using the days better. 

So my dears, this is what I have been doing this weekend so far. 

I spent my friday night after school and work with my lovely girls and S.  
 We made amazing blueberry muffins 
(I am seriously imressed of how well they came out!).
 Talked for hours as usual when we see each other.
 Had some wine...
 ...And drank a few drinks with T made, bartendergirl!!
And S who had a little bit of a cold sticked to her tea. Such a good girl (;
 And the morning after we all went to the square and ate an amazingfabulousdelicious american pancake buffé! Such a great way to get your saturday started... 
 Après Ça I went to my god daughters 4th birthdayparty! It was so much fun to see my relatives, catch up and see little Indra who has grown faster than I could ever imagine.. After lots of cake, cinnamin rolls, cookies and coffee I went home and relaxed in front of a movie. 

A pretty good weekend I have to say, so far.


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