Saturday, April 7, 2012


I woke up this morning feeling more relaxed than I have in so long. I am currently at my summer/countryhouse (whatever you want to call it) in the northern part of Sweden, far away from the subways, shopping streets, clubs and parks. I am a citygirl who loves the citylife but sometimes, a break is needed. That is why I am here. It's the first weekend of the easter break and all I am going to do is read the books that need to be red, drink loads of tea, go out to jog and enjoy nature (however corny that might sound). So what did I bring with me on this little weekend trip?

Here is a list of the most important things I put in my bag:
My drivers ed-book, I have come to realize that I am supposed to take the test in 4 weeks, maybe I better get started with this whole reading process, don't you think?
The easter egg I am giving my mom today. I don't know if this is a common way of celebrating easter in other countries as well but swedes love their candy. That's why I think we try to adapt every tradition we have to candy, so we have more reasons to eat it. Either way, according to the tradition you give away an easter egg filled with candy to people you love. It is nation wide and the prices on candy always go down this time of year (same with  halloween and christmas). I always get one from my family on this very day. Me and my mom are giving each other one this year. So tonight I am planning on stuffing my face with mine... (Don't judge, swedish candy is the best).
Running around naked is of course illegal on the countryside as well so clothes are a must to bring. This time you could see a pattern in all of my choices of outfits, they are all soft. You see, being naked is illegal but to me wearing uncomfortable clothes (even jeans) on your "I-don't-care-what-I-look-like-I-am-here-to-relax" -weekend is just as bad. That's why all of my clothes with me on this trip are 100% cotton (or elastan, polyester or what else is on that washing tag..You get the point!) NO GOOD LOOKING THREADS. Deal? Deal.
Here is my sad collection. It might be strange to say that about a pile of amazing magazines filled with clothes, accessories, fun stories, beauty tips, celeb gossip and so on but they are still sad. Why? Because ever since they were taken out of my mailbox, they have barely been touched. And not being touched as a magazine is like flowers not being watered, they die. They wither, rott and then they die. They are like dogs, they need attention! Ok, I am going to stop with these wild comparisons and get to the point. They are with me on this trip to go from a sad to a happy state. I am going to read them carefully, page to page, interview to interview, outfit to outfit. You get the deal.  Because I officially have the time to read them, finally, and then what? Then my dears, I'll make a report of my new discoveries to you. Don't worry, I am giving when it comes to these things so I'll share it all with you.
I am not sure if this is a dream or my biggest nightmare. This, my dears, is a book. And no, I am not saying that you couldn't see that. I know you are smart enough to see that this is a thing with a soft cover and 100 of pages inside it (217 to be exact, not that I am counting..). But there is more to this book. It is in french. Did you also get that chill through your spine just like me when you red that? Maybe not because you don't have to read it. See, I love french, I want to be better in french, I want to speak it fluently! But after this week this book is supposed to be done. And reading a book 100% in french is to me... A nightmare. But if I make it and feel like I get the content, it will be like a dream! So now you might understand my first sentance of this piece. Either way, I'll keep you updated on how it goes, wish me luck...
This pretty little black thing happens to be my school computer. It has been in my possession for almost 2 years now and yet, it has never failed me. However it hasn't always been mine. I was in the US for 1 year at the age of 16 so I went to high school for one year in Sweden, went to the US (state: Wisconsin♥) for one year as well and then came back to Sweden finish my last 2 years of high school. So this computer was someone elses for one year, then that person went on an exchange year too after me and I got to take over that persons compter.. She had spilled Coca-cola on the keyboard so 3 buttons made this cracking sound whenever you pushed them and it had quite a few scrathes on it. But as the loving person I am, I took it in my arms and loved it as my own. And now after the adoption it is just like my own baby. So of course it had to come with me to see the wonderful countryside of Sweden. Right?
The little black note book is a classic part of a bag packed with perfection (ignore the red details, it is a black notebook, I promise). I plan to fill it with everything that pops into my head this weekend. Checklists of things to do, drawings, notes (didn't see that one coming, now did ya?), interesting tips and such from the magazines and of course all of the words I won't understand from reading that french book which I will have to look up later (Mr.Google translate, have I ever told you just how much I love you?).
While being here I am not only going to do things that need to be done, I am going further than that. I am going to do things that I want to get done (the difference is much bigger than one might think). That is why I have brought my awesomeamazingwonderfulresultgiving-peeling mask from The Body Shop with me. Buying a bunch of disposable ones might seem cheap when they all cost 1,50$. But trust me, investing in a bigger jar for 15$ will pay off. 1. You get a better product for the money. 2. It will last you longer than you could ever imagine. Personally, I love this one.

So that is my little list! Better get started on that drivers ed now...
Ttyl dears, Xx


Irene said...

Nice stuff!!!

Sindy said...

thank you for your comment! your blog is very cool! I can't wait to start my easter weekend with lots and lots of chocolates! :D x

Alina said...

I love this post!
Have fun during the weekend;)
and thanks for your comment!

Clara Turbay said...

Great pictures and lovely style.

Anonymous said...

Super cool post! I would say a good book and good music to get through a relaxing weekend are top picks for me!

Thanks for commenting :) I'm definitely following!

Elsemiek said...

I love this post!
I use that mask too! the body shop has amazing products!:) keep on doing the good work girl!:)

Should we follow each other?:)
love from Elsemiek

MechanicalGirl said...

I love sweets Omnomnomnom:D:D
great pics:)

XOXO MechanicalGirl!:D

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I wish I have a country house to escape to! I love the stuff from bodyshop too, they're the best!

MissViking said...

Thank you! xx

MissViking said...

Thanks, that's the best way to do it!! Xx

MissViking said...

Thank you! Xx

MissViking said...

Oh thanks! Xx

MissViking said...

Thank you, I hope you'll enjoy the reading! And those are great tips as well! Xx

MissViking said...

Thank you, they really have great things in that store!
I'd like that, I will check yours out!


MissViking said...

Same here, can never seem to get enough!!
Thanks :) xx

MissViking said...

yeah it is really nice to be able to get away like this, and yes the body shop is such a reat store!! I love it, xx

Rebecca Cleaver said...

cute post! i hope you enjoy your magazines! i love having new magazines :-)

im your newest follower! it would be great if you could follow me back and we can stay in touch blog-style!!

xx Rebecca

MissViking said...

Thank you, I sure do (; I will check your blog out right away!!


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