Friday, April 13, 2012


I would drool over, smile at, show love to, hump on... Ok, too far. But at least 1st go to first base (that is kissing, right?) with these jeans shorts! I would like to give a cookie to the random facebook contact who liked this page which showed up on my news feed, probably a sign from above that I should like this page as well. But I am not going to just because it is a random friends of friends who I barely (who I don't) even know.. Why I still have people like that on facebook is a mystery (lazyness) but this time it showed itself to be pretty useful! 
Coal N Terry Vintage, I love you.
There is no way to go wrong with high waisted jean shorts = my favourite piece of clothing that has ever faced this earth. They can be styled in so many different ways and what I love about this store is that they put cool details and twists to their shorts which only makes them look even more amazing. They also have loads of other kinds of threads to look for! Check out their online store for more pic's if you, as me, love this style. 



Sassi said...

gorgeous inspiration pics! I want such shorts, too!

MissViking said...

I know right!!? They are so hot, you have to check out the website! ;) xx

Romi Ya said...

Loved every single bit of this post!! Thanks for sharing!

//Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog//ONLINE STORE/GIVEAWAYS COMING SOON!//

CharlotteRolighed said...

Cool blog,follower now your blog!
Chek my blog out :)

MissViking said...

Thank you, I am glad you liked it!! xx

MissViking said...

thank you! I definitely will! (; xx

Holly Ryder said...

Wow i love these them are too cool!
Great blog btw I love it xx

MissViking said...

I know right, they are so different! Oh thank you ;) xx

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