Thursday, April 12, 2012

Turn that frown upside down

Me K and L went to the movies last night and ended up watching "This means war". The funny (or ok, maybe not funny. More like sad..) part was that after 1 minute I realized something. There was more to it than the fact that I had heard the name before when they called me up and ordered the tickets, I had seen this movie before. In the theatre. Oh gosh, did I feel lost? Either way it is a great movie with two gorgeous guys in it so I wasn't complaining. But next time I go to the theatre, I will try to watch something new. And after the movie we met up with some friends & went out which was so much fun! I haven't been out dancing for a long time which only made it better. It was truly a memorable night, to say the least.. 

Moi et L


L* said...

she looks a bit like grace from skins. :) nice pictures

MissViking said...

Oh you are right about that! I have never though about it before but it's true.. I will have to tell her because that is a great compliment! ;D xx

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