Tuesday, April 3, 2012

False is the new true

I have never had any luck with fake eyelashes and I honestly don't think I could make them look good and stick to my lids at once to save my life. That is why I was thrilled to see that some great minds have came up with a formula to make the lashes grow both longer, thicker and more black. 

But like most things in this world, this formula has a price. In store it would cost you around 80$. I got it for 20 through a deal online which unfortunetely no longer exists.  I started applying this serum last night and you are supposed to see results after only 7 days. So if you are interested in this product this is the perfect chance for you to get an opinion on it before purchasing it since I am (of course) going to fill you in on the progress of this, what I hope to be, successful experiment. 

Let's see what this little tube got. ProLash, please give me barbiedoll lashes? Thanks.


Chloé Akari said...

Hope it works for you! I love make up maybe I will try pro lash!
I really like your blog! I am your newest follower!
Check out my fashion blog!


MissViking said...

Yeah me too, I am excited to see the results!
Thank you, I hope you'll enjoy the reading (:
I will check it out at once, xx

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