Wednesday, April 4, 2012


For those who don't know, I like to get my butt to the gym a few times a week to stay healty and fit. But lately my running shoes have not done me any good. Blisters and a sore hip are some of the things they have given me so I figured it was time to leave my old abusive pair and get a new flame. Normally there would be no problems for a person to go to a store and have someone look at your feet, touch them and tell you what kind of shoes you should get. But I said normally, which is not my situation. I will admit it, I have a problem with feet. They are sweaty, on some people hairy and I don't even want to talk about the nails... But what's worse for me is not to touch someone elses feet (even though I hatehatehate doing that), it is having someone touching mine. Only because I hate it so much it makes me feel bad for the person who has to do it. That's why getting pedicures has never been an option pour moi. And foot fetishism just blows my mind. So having to walk across the store barefoot (after wearing a pair of shoes around town that don't breath at all...) and have a stranger putting his hands on them was a challenge, but I got through it. What an accomplishment!! (Don't miss the irony, I know this is a silly little problem). But now I have a wonderful pair of shoes which makes running feel like jumping on clouds. So now I made a whole post about my fear of feet so I might as well ask, am I the only one with a silly problem like this? Or am I all alone...

So above are my new babes, not too fashionable but OH so comfortable. And the sport trend is a true fact... Either way don't ever forget what the flight attentands always tell you,  safety comes first.. And running in bad shoes or high heels on the treadmill isn't! xx

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