Monday, April 30, 2012

Graduation celebration

The day after the graduation party we had another graduation celebration (last friday) with the whole school. All high schools graduates in Sweden put on their graduation hats, sing songs at school, listen to speeches and then normally go out and drink beer (vikingstyle). Ours started at 13:30 and before that I had french class. If you ever wondered what it is like deciding if something is an direct verb or not and put it in a sentance in french after your own graduation party, I can already tell you that it is exhausting... We went to two different bars and had some beers and the second one was outdoors. It was the first real day of spring and the feeling of having that hat on and drinking a cold one with my best classmates while thinking about how close we are to graduate was a feeling so great that it can't be described in words. 


Andrea said...

lovely pics..looks like so much fun!

MissViking said...

thank you! yeah is was such a great day!! :) xx

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