Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Monday was as we all know the last day of April and in Sweden, that is a big celebration. We welcome the spring by having big bon fires and sing songs about leaving the winter behind and enjoy the coming warm weather (and as you might have figured out by the headline, it's called "Valborg"). I was invited to M's house for dinner which was so much fun! There were some of my friends there and a lot of new faces as well which is always fun. The dinner was amazing (M is truly the best hostess in the world) and was followed by playing pool in her basement and then hanging out by the fireplace outside. Me, F and M were the last ones to leave the fire were we grilled marsmallows and quesedillas. I didn't come home until 6am which for me is a sign of a fun night! I even fell asleep on the subway, good thing I woke up right on time for my stop...

Me and my habibi 
Me and the pretty hostess!

Trying to distract F but failed and lost 2 out of 3 games. (But hey, at least I won one!)

Bartending, like a boss...

Pretty ladies!

She is sexy and she knows it..

Kissing my future prince.
Being silly old me. 
Lumberjack Maria!
Le fireplace
At around 5am. Hot stuff...

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