Sunday, April 29, 2012


In America the graduation parties are held at your house and you invite friends, family and your favourite teachers to come to hang out and eat. I did that when I was a foreign exchange student in the USA. But in Sweden, we do it a little differently... We do it quite some time before graduation (my class had it 43 days before to be exact) and we rent a place to first have dinner with classmates and everyone brings at least one guest and we give out nominations. Every classmate gets something that resembles them. L got "the class narcolepsy" because she a-l-w-a-y-s falls asleep in class. And I got "the class homecoming queen" because I mix English & Swedish a lot and sometimes translate English sentances directly to Swedish which makes it all sound horribly wrong... Which gives everyone a great reason to make fun of me... Hahah! After the dinner we move on to the club with all the younger guests and party ALL night. Out theme was "come as a song" and I was Grenade with Bruno Mars. After an hour my amazing friends F, T, MG and M arrived and made the whole party even better. I seriously had the time of my life and I want to re live that night over and over and over and over.......
 Matilda getting her nomination.
 My loves, J and L  
 Singing "Lambo" where the ppl standing up has to drink everything that is left in their glasses. I had to chug a freshly filled glass with red wine in front of my mother hahaha. But I got her back when all the mom's had to stand up and she drank her new glass of wine too! You have to put the glass "on it's right side" (up-side-down) on your head when you are done to prove that you drank it all... Yummyyyy (Yepp, us Swedes have our awesome traditions around graduation time).
 J's boyfriend trying to cut the delicious strawberry cheesecake which unfortunetely was SO hard to cut without having it flying all over the table. It was seriously intense and the topic around the whole table during dessert.
 (The paper plates have the nominations on them).
 Me and my guests (T is behind the camera  ♥)
 Songs: Diamonds are forever and Grenade.
Honestly one of the best nights of my life. And graduation is only 40 days away now, ohohoh my god.....

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