Thursday, April 26, 2012

One week back in time

Hello my dears. I bet you are all dying to find out what I have been up to since my last post (just a little bit of sarcasm there..) so I am going to share you my superduper(kind of, not really) exciting... Past couple of days...?

Oh dear lord, I forgot to update you about mine and T's trip to the Topshop-event with it's fabulous 25% off everything! And no, we were not the only people there as the pictures suggests. I just decided to take the pictures 20 minutes before we left=40 minutes after the biggest crowd decided to move on... So we might now be fast shoppers, but we are good great ones...

I went to school, I worked until 9pm, I went to the gym, I went to bed. The end. 

You remember, don't you? Me and T as my fabulous cab-driver only one post down.

 = Day to relax=Jersey Shore and sleep.

Studied like a good girl after school and then I met up with my girls T and F and went to the movies which was so much fun! People, who said that mondays have to be filled with anxioty about it being the first day of the week?!?? Make it fabulous by spicing it up with your friends like I did. I had time to study, go to the movie and hang out with my favourite ladies & get my booty to the gym afterwards. Hello productive day! We watched 21 jump streed with hot (hothothot) Channing Tatum and hilarious Jonah Hill. I laughed my ass off, drooled and everything between and can't say much more than this: Watch IT!!!

Went to a café with my long lost friend (or not really, we are just bad at getting together) Julia and had a pepsi each in exchange for the usual coffee. Refreshing and a feel of spring, because now the sun seems to be in the mood to stay! I got my camera out on the way home, oh why can't it always stay this pretty?

There are a few things in life that are sacred to me. One of them is the 50% sale at BikBok which randomly is held like 3 times a year or so and I always (and I mean always) spend oh so much on the fabulous threads this store has to offer. I have not had the chance to take pictures of it all yet but trust me, I'll show it all to you. And I can say right now that the bag below is the small bag. The other one is still in my locker containing 3 pairs of jeans and a bunch of other lovely things..


Skye said...

there are not many blog where i really enjoy reading the texts. yours i do:)

MissViking said...

oh thank you!! you have no idea how happy you just made me :D I love to write and hearing that someone likes it means a lot, thank you :)xx

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