Monday, April 16, 2012

Miss productive

Hello dolls, I hope you have had a fabulous sunday filled with sun and smiles. Sorry, that was beyond the cornyness I allow in this blog! But I hope you have had a great day at least.. (There we go). Anyhow, it doesn't feel like I have gotten anything useful done today but when I think back, I actually did quite a lot. So let's see the list of things which got done today:

1. I made my dad and G breakfast in bed since they were so superdupersweet and put together my drawer for me while I was relaxing at my summerhouse over easter. It looks amazing and I can finally fit all my stuff inte the room. (Let's not talk about the fact that there still are clothes all over my bed..). So here is the breakfast I made for them:
I know you want it...

2. I red a bunch of pages (Ok, a few..) in my drivers license book which is so boring that I can't even describe it with words.. So my body decided that I'd have better use in adding an hour to my sleep so that's what it did (it did it, I didn't do it). And I might not have looked as pretty as the beauty in the picture beneath (just try to look cute with a sloppy bun on your head, no makeup and a purple bathroab on.. Not so easy now is it?) and I didn't get woken up by a prince either. No, it was a call from my dad which woke me up and brings us to number 3!

3. I drove, a car, for at least 40 minutes AND made progress in my driving skills.. Which was good! (Didn't even get close to what the guys in the picture are going through, how great is that!?)

4. Found things worth a little over 200$ at Forever21 (which is 200$ too much) that I want. So this was done during my break of reading the superboringdriverslicensebook. And yes, I might have made the "break" a little bit longer than it was supposed to be.. But I do take my shopping very seriously. Wanna see some examples? I thought you would...

Just a little sample, getting the boho-feel?
And FYI all the tops are in my head styled
high waisted jean shorts..

5. After that my brother came over for dinner and then I went to the gym and even red some more out of the driversblahblahblaaaah-book while working out on the bike. 

Tadaaaaaaaaah, that was my productive sunday!
What do you think?

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