Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mother nature, what is up?

If you don't live in Sweden (or a country in Scandinavia or a country with this complicated weather) , I am not listening to your complaining about the weather. I am not feeling sorry for you! You see, I was hoping for some sun the next morning when I had a sleepover at Em's house this weekend (with the USA-dreams if you remember...) so I brought my sunglasses in my bag And I had switched from my ohsoblack-wallet to my flowerylicous one which I usually use in warmer weather. But what do I wake up to? Snow. Yes, s-n-o-w!!! I couldn't believe it. That plus the fact that my shoes got soaked like they were drinking the slush which covered the whole way to the bus stop. What happened to spring in April? Either way, the weather is looking up and the snow is starting to melt after this weekends horrible event. Slowly but it is going forward (Miss Diva nature doesn't like to be rushed..). So now I am hoping for no more PMS-up'n'down moves from mother nature because I have things to look forward to:

Adventurous bikerides in the city, white wine at outdoor cafés, exciting picture-taking of flowers, ice cream on a bench, playing in the sun, exotic drinks, warm days of shopping, coffee coolers, late warm nights of partying, bare leggs, sunglasses, fruity parfumes, spending hours in the hammock, take away sushi in a park, flowy dresses, reading books, lunch at the balcony, wear bright colours, late walks with a friend, tanning outside during breaks in school, thin jackets, pastell nailpolish, sunkissed skin.

Are us Scandinavians the only ones with this weather? (I sure hope so because this is awful..).


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