Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My mom came home last night from her and my brothers trip to Schweiz. It could actually have been my trip as well, but I said no. I can honestly not tell you how bad it felt having to say no to a trip like that. Me who loves to go abroad to see and experience new things. Traveling is my passion and I had to turn it down. Why? Well, my dears. The teenage vikinglife is not always as glamorous as I wish it was. I am right now stuck in the worst week of "Oh my god I got too much stuff to do". But I am getting my booty out of it with great results, or at least that is my goal. My eyes are set on the price and I am, with this post, trying to inspire you all to do the same. I only have one more month (minus one day!!) to go before I graduate but I am not pleased with that alone. I want to do it well too. So this time I had to turn down a trip involving fabulous snow covered mountains, amazingly good chocolate and beautiful little villages spread around the landscape. But they went there to visit my cousin who recently moved there and trust me on this one: when the time is right, I'll go visit him too. 

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