Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy seven!

You guys know what happened at 8:52 PM 2011/10/09? I posted my very first entry in this blog. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't great. But it was mine. I was not new to the blogging world but it was new to me to write in English. This is like my diary which I have shared a lot in and to me, it is a scrapbook that will last forever. Today my blog turns 7 months old and I think it is a perfect time to go back and see what has happened since it was born (yes, I do talk about it like my baby. Because it is my baby. And that's all there is to it). So here are some of the things I have been doing since I started this blog:

I went to the archipelago with a group of friends, drank red wine and played scrabble for the first time in my life.
Spent more afternoons than I can count at cafés with these pretty ladies "studying" for the next exam.
Went to beautiful Budapest, Hungary with my mom and brother and had one of the best trips I have been to. 
Redecorated my roon and has been in love with my dressingpolethingie ever since (and learning to play guitarr is still a goal on my list of things to do before I die..).
 Went to Aix-en-Provence, France with my school for 3 weeks and worked at a pretty little bakery.
 Well this doesn't really have anything to do with this list but this pic of me and Stefan is so fab that it has to be in it. That's it. 
 Ate lot's of this, as usual. Swedish candy is the best, just saying...
 Turned 19 years old in France! 
 Celebrated a crazy New Years in London with my pretty girls in the picture above.
 Became even more addicted to coffee in stressful situations (I blame school for that, completely).
 Had my friends over for a night of baking ginger bread and other christmasy thingies.
Tried macaroons for the first time of my life. Is it bad that I wasn't too impressed?
 Ate the best pizza I have ever had at Vapiano!
 Went to Amsterdam...
 ... With these fun ladies!
 Spent many hours on skype with my dear friend S! 
 Went to a dinner celebrating the b-day of this cutie, I. Who is now living in Paris. Nono, I'm not jealous at all...
 Went 100% fatzo at coffee shops, this time with my lovely F. 
Had a lot of fun and random nights out clubbing with friends!
 Enjoyed delicious food.
 Watched the spring arrive.
 Spent friday nights like only me and my friends can.
 Went shopping quite a lot. This girl can never get enough... And oh, I also fell in love with the red lip look (;
 Invited friends over for dinner.
 Celebrated the birthday of this chica who is soon going to leave me for Australia! :/
 Spent a well needed and relaxing weekend at my summer place. 
 Had the time of my life at my own graduation party!
And celebrated the coming graduation some more the day after by wearing the totally fashionable hats..
So during this time of blogging, I have found my own style and becomed comfortable with it all. 
I love this blog and I am so glad that I have so many new faces who are following it. Writing this blog in English has opened doors for many people to read it which makes me even happier that I chose to write it for an international audience. Feel free to ask me anything you want about me, this blog or... Sweden? Either way, this project of finding my own style in writing is now over and I will continue this blog as it is right now. Being 100% me.

Enjoy the reading. 


emma-victoria said...

lovely blog :)

love, Em xoxo

Flawberries said...

aaw these photos are so authentic and genuine :D
and so much food ..omg i getting g´hungry buhu T_T
such a great post and lovely blog :*

MissViking said...

Thank you!! :) xx

MissViking said...

Thank you so much! Yeah, that's the risk of looking at these pics (x

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