Sunday, May 27, 2012

My dear Tova

The fact that I helped you pack your bag friday night feels so unreal. You left saturday morning and today you have arrived at your destination. It's not the first time we say goodbye for a year but now when it is your turn to go on an adventure it feels completely different. Even though, selfish as I am, I want to have you in the same city, country or at least the same continent as myself, I am glad that you are going because OH MY GOSH what an amazing time you are going to have! One year in Australia is something you truly have earned but I can't even think about how much I'm going to miss you ♥ Enjoy every day and continue being that strong, unique and amazing girl that all of your friends know. Pet a kangaroo for me, promise! But I'm not really saying goodbye, just see you later Tova! Have a great year ♥ xoxo 

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