Thursday, May 10, 2012


Sometimes my dears, I am a psycho-bith. I will admit that. And I don't say that I am one because I post weird and ugly (amazing and fabulous) pictures like the one beneath on my blog which can be found by anyone in living on this planet who has a connection to the internet. No. I am saying that because I can sometimes plan & expect to be able to do things in 6 weeks which "normal" people plan to do in 6 months.. (OK, maybe a little exaggeration there but you get my point). Getting a drivens license, get fit for summer 2012, work, get good grades, spend quality time with friends and family, graduate.. Yes, the list is long! I have realised that I am a superwoman, but not a superwoman. Get it? I'm strong, independent and whatnot. But I can't fly, I cant transform into something awesome like a.. Pumpkin? And I can't get all of the things I planned to get done before graduation done. But you know what? That is okay. Why? Because what's important is to be able to separate the things you need and want BUT still keep doing the things that put that smile on your face. I have realised that now and tomorrow I will go to school and do my last things that need to be done for the week and then I will spend a well needed night with my girls S and L and plan our roadtrip for next weekend. Oh my fudgeing god I am excited! So what's the lesson here? Look:
  1. If you have missed this chocolaty innovation of pure greatness, you need to check it out. 
  2. It is okay to fall down. Just get back up and move forward.
  3. Don't be a psycho-bitch planner like me, I am trying to change that now.
  4. Don't forget that the things you need to get done are sometimes just as important as the things you want to do, such as seeing friends. It will bring you results and help you from falling apart.
  5. YOLO!! OK?! Sometimes you have to say no to fun things in order to get the important stuff done but be smart about it. Don't turn exciting opportunities down, you only have one life to try them out.
  6. Look at my pictures beneath and make something good out of it. It can be "wow, I'm glad my hair isn't that big of a mess" or "If she can be that goofy, so can I!" or whatever fits you! Learn that everything you hear or lay you eyes on is an opportinity for you to interpret into something beneficial for you. Look at things with a positive eye and you'll find things a lot easier. 

OK, I am officially done with this ohmygodsoseriousanddeep-post. But I needed to get this out of my system and ventilate it on my blog actually made me feel a lot better.. Either way, I am going to run the rest of this energy off at the gym and work on my abs.. Maybe.. A little bit at least.. So I will talk to you guys later.


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