Friday, June 15, 2012


Going to the city for lunch with my mother before gym and work (LGW instead of GTL, that's my life Jersey Shore lovers...). But these days with all "needtobedonethingswhichyoumightnotbetooexcitedaboutdoing" are neccessary in order to get to the chocolate inside the wrapper (that is a saying, isn't it..?) , but lunch with my mom will be a lot of fun so that's something to look forward to today! And I think I just might swing by a store where I found some fab shades yesterday (who just happened to fall onto my face and fit perfectly, I swear I didn't do it!!) Right now I am actually almost jumping in my seat just thinking about the fact that I could just grab the keys, step outside and drive away with the car (because I got my freaking motherfinglicenseyeyeyeeee. OK, I'm going to stop talking about it 24/7 starting... NOW) so I might just go for a 5 min ride.. For the first time alone in the car on the road and steal the parking slot right outside our house since we never get it because dad is a good guy who takes the subway to work (environment friendlyness.. You know) so the next door ppl always take it coming back from work. So that would be nice to get the better slot + mess with the neighbours a little bit... Mohahah.... Got to jump into the shower now, get ready and... Go for a little drive! TTYL DARLINGS. xx

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