Thursday, June 14, 2012


Right after I got my license I went to F's house to hang out. We watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (oh my gosh can that show get any more exciting?!) and dremt about going on a backpacking trip on the railways in GB (like the train in my photopost a few steps below). It looks amazingly beautiful and I just want to go now!! We also had a luxury dinner consisting of a spicy chorizo and a beer (like real men). Then we went to a beach where we always used to hang out as kids/younger teens with a group of friends so it was truly a nostalgic night! Me and F were pumping music out of her tiny pink little speaker, had some sparkly wine from F's graduation reception and sang... Beautifully to the tones. And then A and M.G came over and shared the beautiful night with us. Just look at the last pic, it was perfect. 
Me and her cute little dog, Romeo♥                  My "luxury" dinner which I actually loved haha!

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