Monday, June 11, 2012


The last few days have been all wrapped up in crazyinsaneamazingness mixed with wonderful people. Friday was graduation which was so much fun and saturday was K's graduation reception which was great too! Her family is from Peru so the night started with amazing food and ended with all the people dancing salsa all night long (and the rest of us Swedes just tried to move our hips like them but it felt like I failed... Big time.. But it was still great fun). Sunday was a dead day (aka so tired I can't move) and today I went to H's house after my driving lesson (oh my gosh I have to get that license soon) and theeeen work, like a good girl. It was so much fun catching up with H and tell each other about our own graduations. It was especially fun since we both were super horse so we sounded real cute talking to each other haha! I guess that's what drinking champagne for breakfast, dance on a truck for 2 hours drenched in beer and celebrate some more with your relatives (aka how the Swedes do graduation) does to you! Here's some pic's of my awesome graduationday!
 L and me running out of school. 
On the truck, drenched in beer in my I ♥ PARIS tee
V, M and me after my graduation reception
 M and me (aka my new profile pic on facebook!)


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