Thursday, June 21, 2012


Woke up this morning totally rested (so damn rested that I've only been up for an hour and have randomly coloured my eyebrows and lashes, babaam!) and started looking through some pic's on my old computer since I am supposed to post pictures from my trip to Amsterdam with my girlfriends (on Facebook, of course)  but I haven't gotten to it (as not too un-often, not a word? I don't care..). I was there this Januari which was amazingfuncrazyclubbingcozycafésamazingvintagelicous BUT I have yet to post them pic's. But to my defence (if I did need one..) I can't find them! SHHHHH, don't tell anyone.. I might get strangled.. But I still have another computer to look through (this is the problem of our age. So many fudgeing computers to look though that you don't know where you put what, and rarely have the energy to find out..) so I hope there is were I find luck! But until then, I'll just show you this picture that i randomly found now searching through all of my folders. Ehehehe... Heheheh.... 

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Linnea said...

Hej, kan du inte skriva en liten amsterdamguide? Jag åker dit om några veckor och vill veta allt om vart man ska turista/hänga/äta/osv! Vore himla kul att läsa :)

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