Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alles Gute!!!

Almost 3 years ago I met a guy named Stefan.
We became friends quickly and even though we are many countries
apart, he is one of my friends I keep in touch with the most.
Skype or Facebook, we work it out. Can't wait for all the amazing
adventures we are going to experience together and create more
memories (corny, I know.. Shut up...) ANYHOW, I love you, you
dandylicous german. So happy I have you to talk to who understands
me and gets my humour 100% and more. I love the fact that you always
stay real and never let anyone bring you down. Why? BECAUSE WE
ARE TOO DANDY TO GIVE A SHIT! Never change, ever!

Happy Birthday my dear, have a great day!

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