Monday, June 18, 2012

Paris, I am coming

So my dears, there is this one thing I haven't told you about. I haven't kept it away from you for any other reason than uncertainty of getting this thing happening but now when I know that it is on for sure, I can't wait any longer with filling you in. If you have been following me for a while you might remember a post like this one. I have about 100 ones where I am mentioning Paris, dreaming about Paris or thinking about Paris while writing it. But this is it babes, I am going to Paris!! Me and my friend Sofie got jobs at Disneyland Paris (Paris, Paris, Paris. Did I mention that I love Paris?) So I am leaving on the 6th of July to work there this summer. OHMYAMAZINGGOSH I am so excited! And ofc you sugarbabes will have a 1st class V.I.P view of whatever goes on among the rollercoasters, trips to the city and Mickey Mouse (who I am finally going to meet in person, WOW!!). 

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