Saturday, August 4, 2012

No sleep, Paris urge

Wednesday night me and S were supposed to have dinner again but then she sent be the text I was hoping to recieve all day... "Movie tonight at 8pm?" Y-E-S, I swear that girl can read my mind.. Me, her, J, K and M all went to see the new Batman movie, in french... Even though I didn't understand all of it (hehe) it was still so nice just to sit there and relax. And even though the candy I bough which would cost less than 3euros in Sweden cost 9 euros here (I know, don't mention it. I was craving for something sweet, OK?) I enjoyed every moment of it. And I learnt something new that night, or lot's of things actually. 1. Candy is extremely expencive when you pick it yourself in a bag except for in Sweden and Finland (J is Finnish so she told me so yes, it's a believible source of info), Robin is hotter than Batman and watching a 2,5 long movie in french it exhausting (that's why people invented the power nap). But it was a fun night which unfortunetely wasn't followed by a good night sleep since I had to get up at 5:30 since work started at 7 (rise and shineeeeee beautiful...). And on top of that the power went out just as I turned it on which means...

1. No coffee.
2. No makeup.
3. Pain in the ass to find your clothes.
4. An even bigger pain in the ass to find all the stuff you want to stuff your bag with since the phone was my only source of light since it's still pitch black in Paris before 7am...
5. I had gotten less than 3 hours of sleep. Enough said.

So then I went (ran) to the train and met S who started the same time as me for some croissants and pain au chocolat. Weirdly enough this ended up being one of the best days at work. Why? Well because today I had lunch with a colleague who is really sweet and the conversation was flowing the whole time! (OK, maybe not my french but I was either talking, listening or trying to find the right words to say something). I don't know why I have avoided talking about ju regular things with my colleagues when they are all so nice! And when I couldn't find the words, I'd just do charades instead! It works great (as long as you don't mind looking like a fool...).

So from now on I will make a bigger effort to talk whenever I can with my colleagues and just not be so stressed and serious about it. I could really tell how much fun they though it was having me in the conversation and they all say my french is good. I know it's not good in my opinion but hearing them say that is truly flattering and makes me want to try even harder...

And OH, after 3 hours of sleep and work me and S went to Paris to meet up J and K. We took a long walk (mostly because we tried to find the other two girls and since we still don't know too much about the streets of Paris, it was quite the task..) had a beer at an Irish pub by Seine and had dinner at this really cozy Thai restaurant before heading home after a really hot and nice day in Paris.

My 3rd and best crêpe in Paris so far. Nutella and banana, can never go wrong with that...

If you look to my left <--- above the trees, you see a teeny tiny bit of the Eiffel Tower
(just so you know)
OH, this was so nice! A beach in the middle of Paris. (and did I tell you that if you look to the left, you can see a teeny tiny bit of the Eiffel Tower..?)
K composing postcards at the pub.
A really cozy street which I just couldn't leave without taking a pic.
Crêpe gone wrong. Terribly wrong. (And no, it wasn't mine...)
Moi et K.


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