Friday, August 3, 2012

Sangria night

We were all going to BillyBob's in a group this tuesday night but since S & Co's bus didn't show up, it ended up being me, my roomie and a french guy from her work. But that's not all, no. This guy didn't speak a word in English (if you don't include hello and yes) so we had to stick to french. But now I realize how much better it works than you think, when you are actually forced to try your best! Speaking English was not an option (well it was an option, but a rude one) so we did our best and we could all 3 have a great conversation. Gosh, I really want to learn this freaking language!! Anyway, after a while a few Irish ppl who A knows came over to our table so we all hung out but we took the bus home around 1am and spent the rest of the night talking and drinking sangria. That little tradition of ours which we love dearly.. But hey, we were well worth it! Speaking french the whole evening and all...

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