Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Darlingsdarlingsdarlings... What have you been up to? What have I been up too? I'll tell you what. I have been at a french party with baguettes, gone swimming in a beautiful lake, red a book alone resting against a tree looking over the water, having a blast at the local bar, gone on rollercoasters in the park, ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream (Gaaah, so good...), bought a baguette straight from the bakery to split with a friend, had dinner in Torcy, learnt some new words in french, had lunch with an Italian collegue and managed to speak french to him about everything and nothing, though and reflected more than ever about what I want to do with this gap year I have in front of me, played pyromaniac, missed home-friends-family and food with a flavour to it, realized how stupid I am to miss home because you know what? I am going home in 2 weeks, had amazing birthday cake from a person who I didn't know, ate more lunches for 0.85 cents than I can count, played in the park, ordered tickets to take me back to Stockholm, seen the inside of a toe, played with a fake elephant, gotten a tan, celebrated a collegues 23rd bday, been bitten by a french mosquito, found marsmallows with cola flavour (insanely great discovery, I know), worked until 01:45 tree nights in a row, gone to a french hospital, gained new friends, sunbathed with a beer on my side and a great friend on the other, danced, ran around being silly with my roomie in the Parisian metro,  spent two days in a row laying on the beach looking at the green hills and trees on the other side of the water, recieved compliments which ment more to me than I could expect, pet a hedgehock, becomed excited about the future. Lived life.

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