Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last day of work

So today my dear readers, is a very special day. It is my last day of work!! I am still staying until September 1st to explore Paris, enjoy the Disney life and spend time with my friends over here. But still, the journey is coming to an end... Two days ago (let's call it tuesday) I did my last close aka starting at 5:45pm and finishing at 01:45 in the morning and getting the bus at 02:45 and coming home at 03:10 and falling asleep at 4am..  (Noooo complains here, just want to give you an idea of what doing close is like.. But it's over now.. YEEEEEEEWIAAAAHHAAAJAAYEESSSOUIIHAPPYUNICORN!!!) So I decided to do something fun with my day before leaving for le job. So first me and A went out to our local boulangerie and split a panini and a d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s carmel cake filled with carmel (?) and amazingness which we topped off by enjoying it in the plage (beach) of Torcy! It is so funny that they have made this "beach" in our little suburbian area with a volleyboll net, ping pong and sun chairs right in the middle of all the restaurants (such a lovely type of randomness). And after that we got ALL of our paper work done for work and a bunch of blahblahblaaah so it felt SO good to get it over with. Then we were heading out to the park but decided to fill up our waterbottles first and the funny Disney randomness striked again and we ran in to a dear friend in the lunch room who we ended up talking to until I had to get my costume on and get to work. After a day spent with my roomie, working late was a whole lot easier. And today is my lastlast day of working in Disneyland Paris 2012.. Oh my gosh I don't want my time here to end..
La playa
 Me and my lovelybubbly A.

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