Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Freaks

I think I just saw a human square on TV... Nuh uhhh, it was just a girl in a giant fur vest! Gosh I really don't get that, it seriously looked like the back of a white Sponge Bob when she was walking down the street... Anywayyyy I'm right now sipping on a glass of red holding the glass with my freshly manicured nails in just the same colour (such a pretty match I tell you!) while looking through some fashion pages trying  find  inspo.  You see my gals, that shopping part wasn't so easy today (and no, I don't have a fever or anything like that. Just back fashion luck). since every piece I picked up got about 100 questions from my brain saying "Will this match anything I already have?", "Is this really my colour?" or "Do I actually love this or just pick it up because it wasn't black?" (trying to spread some sunshine and rainbows on my closet you see...). So the poor clothes didn't get to come with me home.. Stupid overthinking brain... But I figured that what I needed was some inspiration to find out what I really need (want) since you always look through through other peoples closets/starring out their outfits thinking "man, why is my style so shitty?" Well girls, problem solved. Get the inspo and get over it. The grass isn't greener on the other side, you are just visiting the wrong stores. Play copy cat for a little while, keep your threads, add some new ones et VOILÀ, your style is just as fabulous as you always wanted it to be... 

Ironic that all my inspo is black, beige and gray except for this last pic (and what I liked about this one was the pants...). Oh well, the hunt for colours continues...

But now...It's time to party!
And I'll see you all on the other side.

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