Saturday, September 22, 2012


...I could at least keep a cactus alive..
I had a roadtrip planned to look forward to.
The cozy kind of fall would get here.
I would have gotten more sleep today.
Someone would tell me this.
This was my beach.
People would pay more attention to details.
My street looked like this.
 I was there.
I had a tub like this.
I could keep my closet cool and organized.
I took this picture.
The twins still dressed like this. 
Someone could make a movie like this.
I had enough money to buy a whole new closet.
I had a view like this.
This was mine. 
I had free & unlimited access to froozen yoghurt.
I could try these.
This was in my fridge.
I could afford eating sushi every day.
I had a cat to make into a lion.
Not sure what I want to say about this one. It was just too awesome not to be included.
I could bake like this.
More people would think like this.

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*°+*°* vé *°*+°* said...

Hi dear I'm vendy...
what do you think to follow each other?? ^^
I want your opinion for my new outfit post


ps: new first outfit post

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