Sunday, September 23, 2012


Les girls and I decided that the bad weather wasn't going to stop us from having a great saturday. We started brainstorming and what did we come up with? Well, look at the pictures below... We went to a bar and had a few, walked across the street and went laser tagg(ing?) and ended the night with going to the movies to see Ted (omg it was so, so great. Can't tell if the beers made it even better but man, I laughed alot!) And why don't we do laser tagging more often?! It was Awesome! Gosh, we went in there and the place was seriously empty. It was just us 3 girls and the receptionist hahah (wow did that feel sad?) So we payed our dues and ran around for 15 minutes (trust me, it's enough. At least when you give it your all like we all did haha). I seriously felt like James Bond running around there shooting my friends (that sounds so wrong..) and we all had a blast! And better yet, I FREAKING WON!!! I didn't expect that at all but I guess I'm a pro (or just lucky). But we decided to make this into a tradition haha, so much better than some ole' bowling/billiard or whatever. So if you are up for some laser tag, just give me a call...
My friends are hot. 

I didn't know people could live without a neck. I didn't know I was one of those ppl until I saw this pic...
Things are about to get real.
Hahaha so ugly attractive and so ready!!
Listening to the instructions. 
Ready to rumbleeee!! (do people still use that expression..?)
ME (mjau) WON!!!
L is craycray
I'm so fast not even the camera can catch me.
Bar #2, oopsss...
Cheers, santé, SKÅL!


matr0sha said...

nice post) i like your blog)
maybe follow each other?? let me know!

Rin Handika said...

ahahaha what a lovely pictures :)
You have a lovely blog! :D
Im following you now, mind to follow back? :* Also you can enter my giveaway and can get a free legging from Choise! <33

Kittykat said...

Hey neckless_bond92!
HAHHAH irllaughing at this post gooing back to that saturday, it was so much fun! K and I came to a conclusion tho.. Ted wasnt that good of a movie haha thank the alcohol ;)
I love how we did all those things and was back home before midnight!
HAHAHHAHA laughing even more now at the laser tag picture, I look like a little girl in the first pic hahaha

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