Monday, October 22, 2012

Coal N Terry Vintage

These clothes are amazingly good looking but unfortunetely expensive enough to dig a deep hole in most people's wallets (Rhianna, I know you are reading this and no it won't matter to your wallet. Je sais. Stop rubbing it in my face already..). These pictures are very, very, very addictive so before you look. Don't forget, you've been warned..  

One positive thing about visiting their store right before bedtime is that I hopefully get to dream about these clothes. Wearing them and gently hang them up on my clothing rack. But before then I have to go shower since I spent a sweaty hour at the gym before coming home (yay me!). Visit their webpage right before going to bed and who knows, we might get to share the same dream...

Sleep tight and fashionable my dears,


Anonymous said...

you've got a great inspirational blog dear!Thank you for your sweet comment it means a lot!!I'm following you for sure!Hope u can follow me too!Kisses

hannah said...

love the sweatshirt! thanks for checking out t(f)h! glad you like. :) yes, let's follow each other!

xx H

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