Monday, October 22, 2012


So this is a picture I snapped with my phone last night going grocery shopping because it made me stop and laugh. Now my first question seeing this would be: Why do you drive such an expencive car when you obviously can't even park? Sure, it's a nice BMW but that surely doesn't mean that you need 2 parking spaces to fit. It's a car, not a bus. Maybe it's caused by lazyness or bad planning but this is still a shitty way to park. I worked my butt off getting my license and this is not inspiring at all, or maybe a little, because I will never in my life park this badly. One day all the rest of the parking spaces will be filled and one person will get pissed at you for parking this way. Let's just all hope it's a traffic warden who will set you straight by giving you a nice little paper present. Because honestly, parking isn't that hard my friend. Even a BMW can't make this a good look. So stop it. But thank you for a good laugh. I hope with all my heart that your driving skills aren't as bad. 

Miss V. 


Coco said...

thanks for your comment!
I follow you already! I hope to see you soon on my blog as a new follower ;)

Catarina said...

aww thank you so much for your comment! lovely blog, I really like it! so of course...I'd love to follow each other! <3 xx

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