Monday, October 8, 2012

Games night

The successful flea-market-day ended up with hanging out at L's house. We had some drinks, chatted about future dreams, played games, ate food and hung out with the cat. We played domino, do you remember that game? If your reaction now is "oh yeah, I remember it! That was so much fun!" then you are either remembering a different game or have no idea what fun it like. That. Game. Sucks. That was something we both discovered that night. That and the fact that we both desperatly want to spend (at least) one year at an American college. We'll make it happen, former foreign exchange students as we are.. So domino is dumb unless you make the classical "domino effect" instead of playing the real (sucky) game. But master mind on the other hand is great! So hard (yepp, 12 years later and I still suck at it) but fun! Until you spill all the little bits and pieces all over the floor.. (and no. It wasn't a rage action from being a poor loser. It was simply an action from 2 clumsy girls...). So with that said I'm going to let you guys enjoy the artistic pictures from this saturday night which left me a wake up call about being terrible at mindfucking games and a hangover. Over and out. x.
The only fun way to play domino, I am disappointed.
Le KittyCat!
L got it at last.
Me just chillin' with the Kitty.
One game I won where you try to get the little plastic things to jump onto a plate by using other little plastic things, you know? (my discriptions are ahmazing, je sais.)

Funfun games night. And now I am off to work!
Ttyl lovelies 

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L said...

YAAAAY an entire entry about our sweet game-future talk-drinking-night!
Hungover yes...
Domino is really lame thooo, and master-mind is only for the selected few ;)
i love how the most suitable game for us was flipping plastic thingys onto a plate lawl :D Kitty sends her regards.
C U!

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