Saturday, October 6, 2012

Start of la weekend

After waiting for far too long for my subway to arrive (oh don't we just all love delays...?) I met up with my friend for a all girls movie night. It was so much fun catching up over some oreo ice cream (ice cregasm....) and perfect with a pretty early night since I had to get up early today. Why..? Because it was the last back-trunk-flea-market babyyy! Me and L tried to get as much as possibly sold and we did pretty good while chatting, drinking coffee and eating sandwiches. Last time I got around 50€ and this time I ended up gaining like 40 or something... And this money is going straight to my coffee/beer/movie/candy (um..I mean..Carrots!)/otherfunthings- savings. You don't realize how much you get from selling your crap, it's AMAZING!! So from now on I'm going spend my "pleasures" with the flea market money, great. Isn't it?

Nope. it's not a hobo going through our stuff. It's just me in all my layers of fabric!
Normal kids collected stamps and bottle caps. I collected erases. And today I got them all sold. S-c-o-r-e.
Our beautiful mess. (OK, I know. It's just a mess...)
My awesome frog which I got for my 15th birthday from my friends. It ever sings "eeeyy shortiee, it's yaah birthdayyy, gotta parteyy like it's ya bday". But today I decided to let it go. However it wasn't ready to leave me yet (aka no one wanted to buy it) but hey, maybe next time froggie. 
Gotta fold em' clothes!!
Bread and stuff (yep, clothes AND bake sale. We are productive gals)
My erasers doing success with le kids.
My dear F who also got rid of some great stuff today!
I kind of want that shirt..

So it was another successful day at the market but now I got to rush.
See yaa don't wanna be yaaaaa



chloe said...

oh my god, that frog sounds amazing, don't let him go! i wish we had more markets like this around where i live, it looks like so much fun! x

Anonymous said...

L here, loving tha pics! it was a fun day even tho i mafde.. omg there's apicture of this mazda blocking this box im typinh in so i cant see what im typing lol. but anywayyss loving our ambition tho! next time - games and stuff for all our buyers haha! ;) OMG froggy should be a part of it! like name the correct title and artist of this song!
lovin ur blog gurl!!

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