Friday, October 19, 2012

International Love

In only a week i will be in Germany visiting my brother for the first time since he left vikingland to go work abroad. I love it when people take random opportunities that come up and don't turn back, they just do. Sometimes I wish I would just do and not over think every little move I make. Sure, I am spontanious. I do crazy things. But right now I can't seem to make up my mind about what to do and where to go this spring. I've done a high school year in America, I have done an internship at the cutest bakery in Aix en Provence and I have worked one summer in Paris at Disneyland but still, I haven't had enough. I truly don't think I will have had enough of being abroad until I'm 10 feet under, and even there I'll still long for international air. (Yes, dead or not). You see, this is not just an addiction. By now I consider it a life style. Last year I went to Ireland (twice), Sicily, USA, Hungary and France.  This year I have been to England (craziest new years ever which I spent in London), the Netherlands, France and soon Germany and England on top of it. So yeah. "Hi, my name is Jenny and I am a travelaholic!" (this is the part where you fake smile and say "Hiiii Jennyyyy!") Not that I would ever want to change that part of me but damn, I have the urge to do a big journey this spring and I have yet to figure out/decide/make a move on what. Go work in Canada? Study french in France? Backpack somewhere? Man, the choices are many. Good thing I have some time now to just work and try to figure it all out. I still have things here I want to get done but as soon as 2013 knocks on the door. I'm out. (Or at least that's the plan...). Hope the rest of you aren't so scattered in your minds (is that even a correct sentance..?) and that you don't make big decisions even bigger like little Miss Viking over here. Well, I'll stop dwelling on it for now in order to wish you all a fabulous friday night. HAVE a FABULOUS friday my dear readers. I'm sure you all deserve it. Xoxo, MissV. 

Crazy/random/friendly friday night, 
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