Sunday, October 21, 2012

Student fiesta

So last night was fun and pretty interesting to say the least... It all started out with the amazing buffé which kept me full for the whole night. Sushi, egg rolls, wok... You name it. Later on we went to the university area to go to a students club where the students all celebrate after every big exam. This was my first time but surely not the last! It was so much fun seeing all different kinds of people on the dancefloor just giving it their all. The line was pretty long so we got some time to look through the windows and see the others partying it up (biggest tease ever, I know..) but we got in after a while and got to join the fiesta. I don't think I have ever seen so many nerds party at the same time and they were truly the most energetic ones dancing. I love it when people just stop caring about what's around them and just go for it! It really feels like this university gives the geeks their payback by being comfortable in any crowd partying, unlike high school and times like that (I know I'm putting them in a folder just by calling then "geeks" but you all know what I mean..). I think everyone should be able to join any party and never feel unwelcomed, that's what I loved so much about the spirit of yesterday. Anyone could be there.
After loads of dancing it was nice to be able to get ahold of a refreshment which I've never tried before. Red liquor mixed with milk! Sweet and super yummy... And we ordered in some tequila shots on top of that.. Just for that extra twist.


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