Monday, October 22, 2012

Mixed with nature and drama

Since yesterday was the day after what I wrote about in the last post I truly just wanted to sleep. All day. But my dad had other plans for us and afterwards, I felt great going against my lazyass-mode. We took out bikes out in the nature preserve which we litterarly have just around the corner (so lucky) and went for a ride I've never been on before. Oh my gosh it was beautiful! Big trees all around, bridges over the rivers where people went canoeing, colourful leaves covering up the ground, little wild streams of water following the side of the trail. It truly was breathtaking and if I hadn't been so concentrated on getting through it all with my bike, I would have used my camera like Japanese tourists staring at the Swedish Royal Palace... After that and an intense trip to the grocery store (our list was long...) I finally got back to my lazyassed-mode and got to see something I've missed all too much... (partly because it was a long time since last season, partly also because I miss it more than a human being should... Really...) It became Tshirt time!!!! For those who understand it (and maybe my addiction as well) know that I'm talking about the Jersey Shore. Drama, crazyness, fights, drama, alcohol, crazy people, drama, fake nailshairboobs (fake everything...?), americans, drama... Now what's not to love here? It's honestly like my therapy. It calms me down to see these insane people running around living their crazy life. For free as well! It's dramalicious baby, and I love that on a flat screen TV. 


Kristina Lennon said...

Great photos and blog, I love the cat. Thank you for your sweet post comment, I'm following you back now :)

Donna Iveh said...

:-D the last photo makes me laugh!

Very nice post, keep it girl !

if you want to follow each other, just let me know

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