Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stupid bedtime choices

I was getting ready for bed and to spend the first part of it by my new little addiction, 50 shades of grey, which apparantly is a world wide hit (so I have to read it then, right?). But since I like my bedroom chilled at night time I did the best thing you can do, I opened up the window. BIG mistake girl, biii-iig mistake. That is if you don't enjoy that ohmygoshIhateitsomuch-buzz which you think is in your ear but no, it's not, it's freaking everywhere. Yes my darlings, I let a humongous mosquito into my warm, cozy bedroom (now chilled but that didn't matter because I exchanged the warmth for a monster). And by the way, is it just my back yard or does the mosquitos become mutated in colder weathers? Like, do the last surviving flying idiots get 3 times as big as the rest of them only because they survived? Only the strongest ones live, is it so? Did they eat the normal sized poor mosquitos (OK, I hate all mosquitos but cannibalism is never okay). Either way I got to spend much more time (which is any time at all)  than I wanted chasing that freak down in my pajamas with my cosmo magazine ready for attack (I wonder how many calories that will burn? Hopefully many because that would almost make it worth the time..).  Not only does my fabulous magazine now have half the corps of a mutated mosquito on it but my bed also got smudged... (Letting the insect away half dead is just cruel so I made sure it's sufferings were over. Like 13 times. On my bed. Poor sheets...). Anyway, I knew only one of us would make it out alive and I'm proud to say it was me. And I could also continue my reading and fall into calm sleep without any more buzz bothering me in the darkess of the night.

Here is a list of things I would rather have in my bedroom: 

And by tiger I mean I nice cuddly tiger.
Not a coold blooded Iwanttoeatyou-tiger, you know.


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