Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweden V.S Germany

It wasn't until my dad just called and claimed the TV for the night that I realized that it's football season in the air, without my sporty dad and Facebook I honesly wouldn't have a clue... But that's what's up! And trust me, I'll be watching.. (this only because of my sporty dad). So it is Sweden agains Germany and I have NO clue what the odds are (isn't it a giant octopus that's supposed to make that clear?) Either way I hope that Vikingland wins but I am pretty sure that my dearlovelyfab friend Steve won't agree. Even thought either one of us has picked up a ball in like one year it's not us playing, we just have to sit on our asses on that soft thing called a couch and relax. I'm not even sure if he is watching the game but if he is and Germany wins I'm sure he'll rub it in my face.. And with all right because I'd do just the same! (because that's what friends are for).  However this game ends I know our  friendship will continue as strong as it has for the past 3 years (ohmyfuckinggosh can it be that long...?) Either way I hope to visit this bitch on his homecourt soon because OHMAJGAD I miss him.. 
One of the many pictures taken of us last summer. Probably the best summer of my life. 

Miss V. 


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