Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Last night I went to a movie with some friends. A movie which is called "Eat, sleep, die". Pretty harsh, don't you think? The thing with Swedish movies compared to the giant Hollywood movie screen is that ours are so much more realistic. Even thought that sometimes can feel really grey, they give you a real insight on someone elses life and you don't actually know how it will end after 5 minutes of watching, refreshing right? However I must tell you that I am a sucker for the lovydobby feel good (great) movies who always leave that smile on your face but watching serious real life drama on tape can sometimes be a real wake up call. It was about immigrants trying to get their lifes to work on the Swedish country side but for every step they managed to take forward, money and the language barrier always seemed to push them back. A grey but learning story which doesn't leave any punches. I'd recomend it for anyone to see, just because it left me with many important thoughts. Nothing should be ignored. 


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