Monday, October 29, 2012

Turned back home

Hello my dear readers ♥ (haven't used that line in a while so I felt it was about time...) I just got back to Vikingland after a great weekend over in the southern part of Germany and the visit was so much fun! I finaly got to see how my brother lives down there, meet his house mates, eat tratitional German food, drive around in our rental car (OK, because of my 19 years of age I didn't get to drive at all but hey, I will drive on that autobahn. Sometime..), visit incredible beautiful castles, drink  loads of beer (which is cheaper than Coke over there, amazing isn't it?), do a little bit of shopping, walk around in the pretty villages and enjoy the German country side! Unfortunetely the pictures I took are on my mom's camera so I can't post more than my phone pictures at the moment but I will give you more than one photo filled post with gorgeous pics from my trip as soon as I get my hands on the camera. But until then I'm going to give you 4 different pictures of the incredible delicious pasty they have over there which I am OH so fond about. Ladies and pokémons, I give you.... The Apfelstrudel. 
Yes, I can count. I am very well aware of the fact that there are 5 and not 4 pictures here but if you don't think that this dessert deserves 5 instead of 4 pictures. Then you are simply mad. (mad, insane, craycray...)


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