Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A coffee fountain disaster

Hello my lovelies, how was your monday? Mine started out getting to work pretty early to work the breakfast shift which was all new to me. For being a monday there were extreamly lot of customers (people tend to save up during the first day of the week because of the weekends many expences...) but yesterday it was crazy! So crazy and stressfull that I filled up the coffee pot with water and was just about to pour it into the machine when I suddenly and luckily (I thought) realized that I had already prepared the machine before with coffee powder, water and so on in order to be able to just push "on" and get the coffee done and be able to take up orders and so on when it was still really buissy (still sems genious now doesn't it?). So I pushed "on" and went to the next customer in line with 100 things on my mind to get done (such as fill up with forks, more water in the pitchers, the napkins are out, need more salad and so on, girl you still have 10 customers in line..). But at least I could relax and check off the coffee being made and all (because people go craycray for coffee and even more craycray if they don't get their coffee) but when I walked in with an order I had a look at the coffee to see if it was done, and man was it done... Smart Viking had turn on the coffee and forgot to place the pot (which was also filled with fresh water, remember?) so I had filled the whole working bench, some cartons, the floor and so on with this brown smelling liquid (yes, we're still talking about coffee here..) OH MY GOSH!! And I had no time to stop... I freaked out (in my head) and still had 100 things on my mind and yeah, it just wasn't my day... 

Lucky I have an amazing boss who just laughs at it and that the rest of the working day was fun and pretty much flawless (; xoxo

My face after realizing what I had done... 

L O fucking L.


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