Wednesday, November 14, 2012


After a good ole day at work me and M went out for an adventure starting off in fron of a huge screen. A movie that was supposed to make us laugh and smile left us feeling stressed out (omg, how hard is it to keep getting a wedding dress from getting even more ruined?! And NO more cocain wtf?!?) But after the anxiety attacks and weird laughs (we laugh at the wrong moments when the whole theater is silent. Yes, everybody inside loved us) we went out on a weekday adventure filled with random people and a knight in shining armour (aka an English man who dressed up as his country's sain, St George or something while traveling around Europe to see all the hockey games to honour.. St George... And therefore his country.. Because that makes sense..) Anyway we got a picture with the knight and continued our night in a spontanious fashion. A work night turned into a late night and yeah, I still laugh about our silly little adventure...

Lesson? Any day can turn in to a rememberable day as long as you are open for it. 

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