Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot mess

If you happened to see a foxy (fugly) girl running on the treadmill yesterday matching a raspberry red tank top with a pair of turqoise shorts, it just might have been me. I can now, after experience (or learning it the hard way, it's your pick) say that turqoise and red just don't match. At all. Ever. And even though this discovery was so ugly that it put me in a slight shock, I can't say I didn't see it coming. This just shows how little I care about my looks when going to the gym. I'm there to sweat my ass off and yesterday my face was litterarly the same colour as my top and you know what? It felt freaking amazing... I'm not there to see hot dudes lifting weights (or listen to them moaning like cows desperatly trying to lift that last little inch... Weird...) but I am there to get in shape. So here is the thing. If you go to the gym and you don't end up looking like you've entered a tomatoe war contest, you just haven't worked out sweetie. You have wasted your time! Yes, I'm an ugly mess at the gym but I am god damn proud of it. For all I care those pretty girls in tights pants and porslin skin might look amazing, but you could gain more muscle by chewing gut my dear, just saying... So if you (like me) are heading to the gym today. Do yourself a favour and don't let yourself back out until that face is dripping. Ok? Good luck, you can do it! 
And don't let this pretty face fool you. He might be warm and cozy and it might be cold outside but 5 min on that treadmill and you'll be much hotter than this. Plus, he'll be right where you left him once you are done toning your bod for... Christmas? 


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