Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My dears, I've just realized something. I ♥ London. It is such an inspiring city with so much to do and see! You never know what to expect hiding behind the next street corner and the whole atmosphere is just so mysterious and interesting. You see all kinds of different styles and people and you never stop being suprised. The crowded and narrow streets filled with people, pubs and random shops just makes the whole city so different. If you haven't been there, go. If you have been there, you surely know what I'm talking about. Our first day didn't go so well since I lost my phonie on the bus (heyhey hungover Jenny can't keep her precious things in le pocket) so we had to call the bus and blahblahblah luckily enough it's back in my possession now after the whole trip without a phone (however I must say that it was pretty relaxing not being able to use WiFi all the time and check my facebook, blog and so on...). But we started the sunday by going to the brick lane market and then we continued the tour to Oxford street and ended up having dinner in cozy Soho. Here are some pic's of that day my lovelies. 


What we would see while walking down the many (maaany) stairs from our hotel room. 
Can you spot London Eye?
The Brick Lane market.
Now, who wants a bra...?
Yes, I pretty much jumped up&down when I saw this sign. 
Vintage, vintage, vintage. 
Christmas decorated Oxford Street.
Cozy blocks of SoHo. 
I felt like a small meal and ordered a "little" taco salad. Wanna share?
Too cute not to capture with my lens. 

So that was the first photobomb from London, but not the last...
See you soon.


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