Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today is here

So dears, the day has finally arrived and after a late friday night I look like a mess but am still so incredibly excited! Why? Well gosh, London baby!! We land around 6pm and after dropping our bags off by the hotel we are going out to a restaurant in Hackney Wick with it's industrial vibes and tomorrow we are heading towards the markets! So hopefully my at the moment so empty (echoing, freaking echoing!!) bag will be filled with all kinds of goodies from both fashionable stores and second hand. We also have afternoon tea as a "must" on our to do-list for this fun city and some kind of museum trip is also planned in (we just don't know which one to visit, yet...). So this wannabe weekend (saturday night to tuesday morning) is going to be so much fun and a much needed get-away. Hopefully I'll be visiting a cool market by this time tomorrow and don't you worry, this time my camera is with me and I plan to share all our little adventures with you. Have a great half weekend/half week and I'll talk to you tuesday (after work where I'll be 2 hours after I land in Stockholm, oh my gosh how will I manage?). Lot's of love,

Hmm, more like Forever21 and River Island...

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Ana said...

Love the photos and the sandals are gorgeous!!

Alex Von B

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