Thursday, November 1, 2012


And by spooky I don't mean my all too muddy boots but my amazingly carved pumpkin! After work where I managed to spray myself with boiling hot water from the latte machine and break a milk jug (it just wasn't my day...) I went home and me and started to carve this pretty (spooky, terrefying) pumpkin.  So far no kids have knocked on out door wanting candy so either they will come this weekend or we just made an all too awesome pumpkin to scare off the little ones so we get all the candy to ourselves (no, I honestly hope for the first one. I want to see miniature ghosts and witches!). So far this is my only contribution to halloween. I might dress up for a party this saturday. I honestly love it when people to all in for it, I'd love to go to a huge halloween party someday where exactly everyone is dressed out, no excuses. So here is a picture of le pumpkin (or Mr. Scarface as we call him because of the wound on his right cheek) and also a preview of the sweater I bought in Germany.

Happy Halloween!


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